Provide new services to existing and prospective customers

Serve Clients in New Ways

InsYght combines the services found in your community with a rapidly growing business resource index. Access to this nationwide inventory combined with InsYght’s diagnostic and matching capabilities increases your institution’s ability to help clients and positions your organization as a thought leader in business development.

Build Lasting Relationships

Connecting clients to the resources they need helps reduce risk and sustain small businesses, while building strong and trusting partnerships. Your employees will have full access to InsYght, enabling them to provide valuable services to existing clients and attract new customers who want to start or grow their business. When working with prospective clients who are not currently a fit for your products, your employees will be able to provide support, mitigate customer frustration, and maintain relationships.

Targeted Marketing Opportunities

InsYght data and reports will provide your organization access to valuable information about emerging and growing businesses and their needs. You can use this information to target market products and services to your existing client base and to generate new business leads.

Informed Decision Making

InsYght subscriber dashboard provides valuable information to help you develop new products and services that are responsive to your customer’s needs.


Subscribe: As a subscriber, you will be able to offer a new service and support your customers through a custom branded InsYght portal that can be embedded in your existing web properties.  You will also have access to deep analytical reporting on portal users and real-time data on all business activity in your region. Receive data and analytics that show what growing businesses need most and where they are finding it.  Additionally, as an InsYght subscriber, you and your staff will be able to better advise your clients as you will have full access to the continuously updated and curated inventory of federal, state, and local resources, including resources available in your region.

Brand Placement: Or, place your brand on InsYght and position your organization as a leader in making InsYght available for free to anyone wanting to start, grow or support a business in your community.


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