InsYght connects growing businesses to the resources they need and generates data for intelligent economic development

The 1% Difference

A 1% increase in the revenue of 1% of small businesses in the U.S. would directly add over $1 billion to the economy, accompanied by the downstream effects of additional business sales, job growth, and tax revenues.

The Challenge is Pervasive

Failure to Connect – Most start-ups never benefit from the billions spent each year on economic development (including more than $30 billion by the federal government alone).

Lack of Visibility – The economic development community doesn’t have a complete picture of emerging and growing businesses, their needs, and the resources available to them.

InsYght Provides the Solution

Inventory of Resources

InsYght maintains an extensive inventory of free and subsidized resources for growing businesses.

Instant Connections

InsYght connects entrepreneurs and business owners to the right resources at the right time.

Data to Drive Decisions

InsYght uncovers the hidden economy – emerging and growing businesses, their challenges, needs and motivations.

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