Innovative Support for Economic Development

InsYght combines an extensive inventory of business resources with technology to:

  • Provide the right resources at the right time to growing businesses
  • Generate data to drive informed economic development decisions

Resources to Fuel Business Growth

Using a proprietary methodology and a skilled research staff, InsYght continuously identifies, organizes and updates information on available resources:

  • Found at thousands of sources including federal, state, and local governments, philanthropic organizations, non-profits, colleges and universities
  • Including mentoring, laboratory space, equipment, market analysis, funding and everything in between
  • Captured to describe details about each resource and organized to increase visibility and access

Access to Fuel Success

InsYght technology assesses the specific needs of growing businesses and instantly identifies the best resources to address those needs, saving valuable time and improving results.

  • Direct access for entrepreneurs and business owners
  • Business assistance organizations, advisors, and coaches can serve a broader range of customers with better results
  • Directs businesses to specific resources – not just the organizations that provide the services

Data to Fuel Intelligent Economic Development

InsYght data provides a complete picture of business needs and available services in the community, enabling informed decision-making and focused business development efforts. InsYght generates critical data for economic developers on:

  • Trends for emerging and growing businesses
  • Available programming and services and their providers
  • Resource supply and demand

Resulting in:

  • A clearer view of the emerging economy
  • Visibility to gaps and overlaps in services, enabling an informed evaluation of current resource offerings
  • Ability to communicate directly to specific groups of entrepreneurs

Learn more about the benefits of InsYght to your organization and how you can participate.