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Insyght combines a novel approach to resource inventory management with a deep expertise in diagnostics, matching, and data analytics.

Resource Taxonomy

InsYght developed its resource taxonomy to create definitions for exactly what a business resource is and how it should be categorized. This exhaustive classification methodology was extensively reviewed by resource providers and industry experts. Using this taxonomy, InsYght’s research team identifies, categorizes and catalogs new resources and ensures the system is current.

Resource Inventory

InsYght’s inventory is an ever-growing database of available business resources that includes both business assistance organizations and specific tools and programs they offer. Once a resource is identified, the inventory team captures detailed, granular information about each individual resource.  InsYght’s specialized management process requires strict adherence to the Resource Taxonomy and systematic resource updating and validation.  The inventory is intended to be accessible by entrepreneurs and business owners as well as business coaches and advisors.


Developed with industry expertise from across the country and modeled after medical ICD-10 coding, InsYght has developed thousands of unique “diagnoses” for business. The InsYght team has distilled the collective intelligence of industry experts into symptoms and conditions that can be used to define these diagnoses and, in turn, created a universal standard of care for economic development. Ultimately these symptoms along with key performance indicators (KPIs) are used in a proprietary differential diagnostic evaluation model to efficiently profile businesses and the challenges they may be facing.


Through a proprietary series of matching algorithms, InsYght instantly evaluates and qualifies potential resources for every user. InsYght starts by building a profile for a user’s business or idea to diagnose their current need. Then it directs users to the business tools in its ever-expanding inventory. And not just to organizations, but to the specific resources they need – from lab equipment and manufacturing space to mentoring and funding opportunities.

Data Analytics

Through its operation, InsYght captures detailed data for predicting business growth, labor needs, and service demands. To share this information, InsYght has developed a dashboard for subscribers that provides numerous customizable data-sets. Subscribers can view the activity of their customers as well as the the aggregate business activity in their region.

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