Most business owners never learn about, or connect with the vast array of support services and resources available

InsYght connects inventors, entrepreneurs, and business owners with the resources they need to advance their idea to market and grow their business by creating efficiencies in how they connect to the economic development ecosystem.

Without a comprehensive inventory, the economic development community doesn’t have the complete picture of what’s available either

For government agencies, development authorities, universities, and non-profits, InsYght represents an effective means of delivering programming to the right audience at the right time.

InsYght is a Better Economic Development Solution

Designed to grow new businesses, save the government money, and create jobs, InsYght provides a wide range of benefits

Understand the full picture of business resources in your community

InsYght identifies every tool available to entrepreneurs in your area with a geographically focused, comprehensive inventory of business resources.

Create jobs and boost your region’s economy

Help more businesses survive and thrive.  Growing businesses provide employment opportunities and attract new talent to your region while increasing innovation and diversity.

See how to structure new investments

InsYght’s data and reporting reveal the resources that business owners are connecting with, and identifies the resources that are being underutilized. Maximize your economic development budget and build new or more focused programs for business.

Find out how to bring InsYght to your region.