How Economic Developers and Incubators Participate

InsYght combines the resources found at your organization with the nation’s largest business resource index. Access to this large inventory increases any one provider’s ability to help its clients and creates new possibilities for entrepreneurs.

By sponsoring InsYght, your organization will be widely recognized by governmental leaders, small business owners, entrepreneurs, economic developers, business coaches, advisors, and mentors for making a major contribution to economic development in the region.

 How entrepreneurs and Business Owners Participate

InsYght knows what your business needs. Use this powerful, free technology to diagnose the challenges you face and quickly get directed to the organizations, resources and programs that are best suited to help you grow your idea.

Use InsYght to get connected with resources like funding, mentoring, prototyping, manufacturing space and everything you might need to accelerate or strengthen your business.

 How State and Local Governments Participate

InsYght combines the resources found in your community with the nation’s largest business resource index ever assembled. This increases your ability to help local business and creates new possibilities for entrepreneurs by connecting them to key local, state, and national resources.

State governments and municipalities are critical in supporting InsYght in new regions. By underwriting a statewide or regional resource inventorying initiative, government organizations institutions can help assemble coalition of supporters to leverage additional public and private funding.

 How financial Institutions and Corporations Participate

Sponsor InsYght to better Serve Your Customers. Use InsYght’s diagnosing technologies to help assess your customers’ business challenges and connect them to your organization’s services or to additional resources found within the community.

As a sponsor, your organization will receive InsYght user-data that shows what entrepreneurs need most and where they are finding it. This information allows you to track which services at your organization have the most demand and how clients are benefitting from these programs. These analytical tools can help guide the creation of new products and new targeted services for entrepreneurs.

 How Colleges and Universities Participate

Colleges and universities are home to assets including equipment, space and intellectual properties that can be of great value to entrepreneurs.

Contact InsYght to find out how to better understand and organize these resources to drive economic development in the broader community.