Weekly Resource #9 – FABLAB

logoWEBWhat is a FABLAB

The FABLAB (Digital Fabrication Laboratory) at Mott Community College in Flint, MI is one of the newest additions to the RTC (Regional Technology Center) and is part of an international initiative launched by MIT, to promote innovation and entrepreneurship (for a complete list of FABLABs around the world, click here).  Mott’s FABLAB is focused on the use of digital fabrication technologies that will drive the future of product development.  The lab is designed to support the creativity and innovation of individuals to turn ideas into products.  The lab provides access to sophisticated prototyping equipment, at a reasonable cost, with the user primarily responsible for moving ideas to products.

The FABLAB is part of a mid-Michigan effort to promote innovation and entrepreneurship.  The e-TEAM (Entrepreneurship Team), managed by the Flint and Genesee Chamber of Commerce, offers a full suite of services and over 20 service providers organized to take products to market.  It is also part of the USFLN (U.S. FABLAB Network) which connects institutions across the nation interested in sharing product development and training information.

Equipment available: 50 watt Laser, Electronics Bench, Roland Vinyl Cutter, CADD Tools, Rapid Prototype Machine, ShopBot CNC Router, and Torchmate CNC Plasma Cutter.

If you are an existing business, a student, an inventor or a creative soul with a great idea, you can have access to personalized product prototyping.  The FABLAB is open to MCC students, businesses, and to the general public through a variety of packaged options.

For more FABLAB information and lab hours, visit www.mcc.edu/fablab or call 810-232-4553.

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