Weekly Resource #41 MMTC LEAN Panel Discussion

96One thing that I think is important for entrepreneurs to keep in mind is that you are far from the first person to do what they are doing. Opening a business or developing a product has already been done millions of times by millions of people for thousands of years. Seeking the collective knowledge of business owners and creators in order to lean from their success’ and from their mistakes is an easy and effective way to understand what works and what does not. It is not hard to find seminars where such information is readily available. One great example of such an event is the upcoming MMTC LEAN Panel discussion coming up in March.

On March 25th panelists from three different business will share their stories of success. They will discuss their experiences that improved their process’ and bottom line. Hear from the CEO of Aircraft Precision Products, Total Door and Openings, and the director of manufacturing of Peckham, Inc. These three business’ are extremely varied in types of products produced and sold and in the ways they have reached their current status. No matter the market you are in, there is valuable information to learn from each of these leaders.

Click here for more information and to register.

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