Weekly Resource #39 MMIC Crowd Camp

rockethub-logo-squareCrowd camp is back! This time in Detroit. Brought to you by the MMIC, Grand Circus, Grow Detroit, yours truly, and The co-founders of Rockethub, Crowd camp is a weekend long crowd funding workshop. Co-founders of Rockethub Gustavo Rodriguez and Brian Meece will lead this workshop as they continue their crusade of empowering entrepreneurs to realize their funding aspirations through crowd funding.

This workshop will focus on the perks-based system of crowd funding which is based around increasing levels of perks being awarded to donors based on the amount of money they donate. This is opposed to an equity-based model of donations which will also be touched on briefly. It is encouraged to come with a business plan already laid out. This is not a business development workshop and you will gain much more from it if you come prepared with a plan that can be ready to launch as a crowd funding campaign come Sunday.

The workshop begins Friday, February 28th and ends on Sunday march 2nd. Although it is not required to attend all three days, it is highly encouraged. Like anything in life, the more you put into this workshop, the more you will get out of it. You may even get your idea funded!

Click here for more info and to learn how to register.

Update: Use the Promo code “Partner” when you are registering. The cost of the event will fall from $99 to $54 for the weekend-long event.

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