Weekly Resource #36 DTX Launch Detroit

One of my favorite things to do while listening to lectures in my business class, besides diligently taking notes of course, is thinking of ways to apply whatever is being talked about to “the real world.” These in-class brainstorming sessions provide an ample distraction for those less stimulating lectures and I often find that I come up with my best ideas while doing this. Many people say they think of good ideas while showering. For me, a boring class has the same effect. If you’re anything like me, you probably have one or two business ideas that you really like that could feasibly become a successful business. Well, If your idea is for a technology start up, clear your summer schedule because there is an accelerator for you to make that idea into a reality.

DTX Launch Detroit is 10-week, highly competitive, accelerator for College undergrads and recent graduates aspiring to launch a technology start-up. The course focuses on teaching entrepreneurial teams the skills and knowledge they need to develop their business. This will be done by exploring markets, developing business models, finding customers, and acquiring resources, just to name a few topics of discussion. Due to the intensive nature of the course, it is required that you are able to make the 10 weeks of this course a full-time commitment.

In order to be eligible, your team must be made up of current students of a Michigan college, Michigan residents attending an out-of-state college or university; and/or Michigan residents who graduated from a college or university within the last two years. At least two of these members must be able to participate in the program full time. You can find the application and additional information about DTX launch Detroit here. Registration is open until March 14th and the program begins May 28th.


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