Weekly Resource #32 Detroit Employment Solutions Corporation

DESCLogo“All employer services are offered at NO COST” is the first line you read on the Detroit Employment Solutions Corporation’s (DESC)  employer support page. This should give you a good idea of the organization’s mission to unite employers with skilled employees in a way that encourages cooperation and networking in the local business community. DECS strives to attract employers by building a network of job seekers. Their multiple workshops and seminars geared around perfecting a resume, improving interview skills, and solidifying other valuable skills, helps to give job seekers the confidence and know-how to actively contribute to the workforce and standout above others in their field. This all means well for employers who are seeking workers.

The DECS can be a great resource for those of you who are looking for employees to satisfy your employment needs. They can help you with many things including  job postings, screening and assessment, instruction on writing job orders, help in developing screening criteria, space for on-site interviewing, immediate entry of job orders into Pure Michigan Talent Connect, availability of a centralized job order system which provides special services for large or unusual hiring needs, information on tax credit assistance, customized business solutions and employee bonding services. Acting as a personal HR department of sorts, the DECS offers a wide range of resources that can greatly increase the effect of your hiring and workforce development initiatives.

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