Weekly Resource #38 Coolhouse Labs

1529739_606150476124496_43442704_oDo you know what is cool? Coolhouse labs is cool. Another one of my favorite things, a business incubator/accelerator, Coolhouse labs is located in harbor springs and is now offering applications for their summer program. Lets be real, who wouldn’t want to spend the summer developing their business literally blocks away from lake Michigan. As showcased in their snazzy video, Coolhouse labs has an impressive office that only adds to the superficial appeal of the incubator. Aesthetics aside, Coolhouse labs is a robust incubator that has many resources to offer it’s tenant’s. Every summer, Coolhouse labs invites 5-10 tech startups to take part in their accelerator program. A large emphasis is placed on mentoring during the 12 week program. A big advantage of Coolhosue labs is the small program size. Each of the 5-10 start ups will enjoy the personalized guidance from the Coolhouse labs staff that will help them to build their business through networking, analysis, much feedback, and of course, a little luck. No one starts a business on their own and Coolhouse Labs wants to be there for you so you don’t have to. The $25,000 in seed funding should help you out a bit too. Applications can be submitted for this summer’s program from now until March 14th. more details on how to register can be found here. The selection process will go from April 1st to May 15th. The start date for the accelerator is June 9th. The program’s finale is the pitch day following the twelve weeks of “summer camp for entrepreneurs”  where each Start-up will present their work and pitch their ideas to a room full of investors. Pretty cool eh?

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