Weekly Resource #28 USPS Every Door Direct Mail

USPS21-300x233Every Door Direct Mail is a new tool from USPS that is designed to make mass mailings cheaper, more effective, and easier to accomplish. A new feature, EDDM is a one stop shop for your mass mail campaigns. This tool will allow business owners to systematically target their audience and deliver mail to every address within the specified carrier routes.

To take advantage of this offer, visit EDDM’s website to get a quote of your mail campaign. This is factored by the area you wish to cover and the number of addresses you wish to send your mail to. In order to determine what areas you would like to focus your mailings in, you can use the EDDM mapping tool. This will allow you to visualize the most effective areas around your business based on demographics that you choose to filter the visualizations with. The next and final step is deciding on a design for your mailings. You can upload a custom design or use a template. Either way, EDDM handles everything from printing to sending your mail.

If utilized properly, targeting audiences can greatly benefit your mail campaigns. This tool can help you with identifying where your targeted demographic resides which can give you vital insight on where to focus your marketing efforts.


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