Weekly Resource #27 – Detroit Startup Weekend

Getting to Know SEO54 hours. That is all you have to work with if you participate in Startup Weekend in Detroit on November 15th. Startup Weekend is a Seattle based non-profit organization that holds events across the globe. In recent years, they have held over 400 events across 100 countries. The goal of every entrepreneur that attends Startup Weekend should be one thing and one thing only, launching a Start up in 54 hours.

Everyone is welcome to participate in Startup Weekend. All that you need is a business idea, a short pitch, and the passion to develop your idea into a full fledged business plan. The event will begin with each attendee presenting their ideas in front of their peers. From there, voting will occur where the top ideas will continue on to the next phase of the event. Teams form around the ideas and work begins!

Over the next few days, Teams will unite in a frenzy of entrepreneurial energy. With the assistance of event proctors, they will work diligently to network, program, design, and plan their business before the time is up. Once completed, teams will present their plans in front of a board of local business leaders whom will provide their expertise and insyght. This is a great opportunity to hear feedback form people who have succeeded in turning a start up into a successful business. Be sure to register soon. Spots are limited.


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