Weekly Resource #22 – Build a Website

grand_circus-9959b0102656d9de1fe745a56e7f26e1Grand Circus Detroit, a brand new co-working, event and training center for tech startups in the heart of downtown Detroit, is hosting a 10 week course, beginning September 30th, on how to Build a Dynamic Website.

In this course you will get a thorough introduction to the technologies necessary to build modern, standards compliant websites. Through hands on exercises and projects you will practice and perfect your front-end development skills.

At the end of this 10-week course, you will:

  • Have a thorough, hands-on understanding of HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, and jQuery and how to use those technologies to build modern websites
  • Understand different hosting options, the mechanics of web servers and the internet as relevant and important to a front end developer
  • Know how to use JS and jQuery to dynamically manipulate the DOM
  • Know how to interact in real-time with RESTful web services APIs for sites such as Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest, as well custom web services for your own projects
  • Know how to identify, find, and integrate with third-party JavaScript frameworks and libraries
  • Know how to write your own simple JavaScript and jQuery plugins

For more details on the course, the prerequisites, or the application process, click here.

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