Weekly Resource(s) #18 – Detroit Retail Startup Support

Dreaming of launching a retail business in Detroit?  You’re in luck.  Resources abound to support your efforts.  Planning to capital, it’s here.


It’s generally advised, when considering the launch of a new business venture, you do the research and planning required to prove your concept; you test the concept whenever possible; and you secure proper funding to support the project.  The following 3 Detroit resources can potentially provide all those things to aspiring retail entrepreneurs.

To begin, TechTown offers a competitive, highly customized boot camp program that prepares serious entrepreneurs for a successful retail launch.  Topics in this 8 week course include:  choosing your location; merchandising; fiscal management; customer service; marketing and branding; government regulations and processes; taxes and insurance; start-up costs; business model canvas; and developing your pitch.

Applications are currently be accepted for the September 23 – November 11 program.

Applications are also being accepted now for D:Hive’s Pilot program, which offers creative and engaging retail businesses to test their brick-and-mortar potential in a prime downtown location.  The chosen entrepreneur gets:  2 months of rent-free retail space on Woodward Ave during the holiday season; marketing & graphic design support; mentoring & networking opportunities; and $500 reimbursements for both space design and a launch event.  Apply by September 2nd.

And finally, though not currently accepting applications, Hatch Detroit manages a contest that provides startup capital to viable retail businesses planning to open in Detroit neighborhoods.  By the time you’ve completed the TechTown Boot Camp and tested your concept in the D:Hive Pilot space, you’ll be more than ready to apply for the next Hatch opportunity.  Click here to learn more about the contest and vote for one of this round’s 4 finalists.

Let us know what you think, if you decide to take advantage of any or all of these fabulous small business resources.  And be sure to follow this blog and sign up for our newsletter for more of the same:  http://eepurl.com/AiUC5.


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