Weekly Resource #40 Business USA’s Veteran’s Resources

CaptureAs we here at InsYght know all to well, resources can be hard to come by for those who don’t know where to look for them. This results in many resources being underutilized and in some cases, completely ignored. As you probably know, Our goal is to connect entrepreneurs with the resources they need. Although our new system for this is under construction, other organizations have had the same idea of bringing entrepreneurs relevant resources based on their needs. In particular, Business USA has set up tool for business resources that are meant for veteran business owners and entrepreneurs.

The tool is extremely easy to use. To start, click here, and then follow the instructions on the next 4 pages. You will be asked to specify you veteran status and what type of resource you are looking for, be it funding, marketing, counseling etc. How you navigated through the first 4 pages will determine what will populate the final page. This page is the one with all of the results. Divided up into three board categories, “programs. services, and tools”, you can decide for yourself to focus on one or all of these resource types. The resources listed on this page are automatically selected based on how you answered the previous questions. Clicking on an individual resource will reveal some detailed information on it and most importantly, a URL where the resource exists. Another helpful source of information is the “similar programs” and the “similar services” sections of the resource detail page. This can help direct you to another place to look for what you need if the initial results you received did not fulfill your search.

Weekly Resource #14 – Detroit BizGrid

48109_281138838694543_1423782555_nImagine a single document that lists the business resources and their providers that exist in Detroit. Sounds pretty awesome right? Well imagining such a document is no longer required. The Detroit BizGrid is exactly that and more.

Combine the aggregate knowledge of 5 local entrepreneurial support organizations, (including ourselves, Techtown, Bizdom, D:Hive, and the DEGC) with the demand for an easy to use list of resource provider contact information and their offered resources, and you get the BizGrid.

54 Detroit organizations are categorized based on the resources they have to offer and the stages of business they specialize in. This was done to ensure that entrepreneurs are aware of what is available to help them as well as to streamline the process of contacting said organizations and getting the information needed to pursue their resources.   These organizations offer services ranging from business planning and strategy to real estate assistance, funding, co-working space, and beyond.

A free to use tool, The BizGrid exists in both a downloadable digital version as well as a printed hard copy. Unless you have a printer that is able to print an 8 1/2 X 17 piece of paper, your best bet of getting your hands on a hard copy would be to visit one of the partner organizations and picking one up in person. Otherwise, be sure to download the PDF at the BizGrid website and don’t forget to share it with your fellow entrepreneurs and “Like” the BizGrid on Facebook!