Business Plan worksheet and Market Research

CaptureComprehensive business plans are critical elements in the start-up process. To effectively plan the future of your business you must analyze industry trends in relation to the needs of your desired market. This information will equip you to make calculated decisions as you move forward with your idea.

Business information is some of the most difficult information to locate and you’re not expected to find it alone. Across Michigan you’ll find Business Resource Centers (BRCs), sponsored by the Michigan Small Business Development Center, staffed by friendly business librarians ready to help you locate the research necessary to complete your business plan.

To guide entrepreneurs through the process of industry and market research, and in conjunction with the I-69 Corridor Region SBDC office, I’ve created this Business Plan Worksheet to help organize the information you collect. Every resource mentioned is available free of charge through your local library. If your library doesn’t offer the resource mentioned, ask a librarian about an alternative. Be sure to review SBDC’s Guide to Starting and Operating a Small Business publication for a complete checklist and more information on start-up in Michigan. The research skills you gain will be valuable throughout the life of your business as you grow and adapt to the changing market.  

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