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Weekly Resource #43 NEIdeas

Start up businesses get a lot of love in the funding world. We’ve covered such things fairly extensively in previous blog posts. But what about the established businesses that need help growing? It can be hard to come by extra cash to push your business to the next level. NEI is here to help with […]

Weekly Resource #44 Best Shot Workshop: Detroit

The Best Shot Sales Workshop is a great way to become familiar with how to effectively deliver a sales pitch. This event will take place on Wednesday, May 14th in downtown Detroit and is brought to you by the MMIC. It will benefit business owners and entrepreneurs of any level of experience. MMIC strives to […]

Weekly Resource #42 2014 Michigan Social Entrepreneurship Challenge

If you are a social entrepreneur in the process of starting a new venture, Michigan Corps has a competition for you! This State-wide competition is meant to provide visibility and resources to it’s participants. Prizes for this competition consist of a cash prize ranging from $1,000-$5,000, admission to Michigan Corps’ social impact investment fellowship, and […]

Business Plan worksheet and Market Research

Comprehensive business plans are critical elements in the start-up process. To effectively plan the future of your business you must analyze industry trends in relation to the needs of your desired market. This information will equip you to make calculated decisions as you move forward with your idea. Business information is some of the most […]

Weekly Resource #41 MMTC LEAN Panel Discussion

One thing that I think is important for entrepreneurs to keep in mind is that you are far from the first person to do what they are doing. Opening a business or developing a product has already been done millions of times by millions of people for thousands of years. Seeking the collective knowledge of […]

Weekly Resource #39 MMIC Crowd Camp

Crowd camp is back! This time in Detroit. Brought to you by the MMIC, Grand Circus, Grow Detroit, yours truly, and The co-founders of Rockethub, Crowd camp is a weekend long crowd funding workshop. Co-founders of Rockethub Gustavo Rodriguez and Brian Meece will lead this workshop as they continue their crusade of empowering entrepreneurs to […]

Weekly Resource #38 Coolhouse Labs

Do you know what is cool? Coolhouse labs is cool. Another one of my favorite things, a business incubator/accelerator, Coolhouse labs is located in harbor springs and is now offering applications for their summer program. Lets be real, who wouldn’t want to spend the summer developing their business literally blocks away from lake Michigan. As […]

Weekly Resource #37 Junction 440

We’ve covered incubators before, specifically, the University of Michigan’s Incubator in Flint. I always enjoy hearing about new incubators, which seems to be happening more and more regularly as of late. Incubators are popping up left and right to cater to all of the different business areas that you may find yourself entering as an […]

Weekly Resource #36 DTX Launch Detroit

One of my favorite things to do while listening to lectures in my business class, besides diligently taking notes of course, is thinking of ways to apply whatever is being talked about to “the real world.” These in-class brainstorming sessions provide an ample distraction for those less stimulating lectures and I often find that I […]